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About App Uninstaller

With a mission to be the go-to removal utility for macOS devices, App Uninstaller was found at 2012, and is built by a group of experienced and passionate developers, most of whom are with more than 10 years' experience for desktop application development, empowering Mac users to completely remove the unwanted apps, freeing up disk space and restoring performace.

App Uninstaller solutions are complete and proven to be effective for thorough app removal, with the state-of-art App Uninstaller app and a dedicated support team available to help you remove every thing of the unwanted app, and are constantly updated to the latest macOS app updates & releases, as well as polishing the existing core removal engine and adding new features to optimize the app removal capablity. In addition, every App Uninstaller pricing is one-time purchase, with lifetime access, upgrades and support, one of the best cost-effective solutions in the industry.