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"Best Mac uninstaller"

Your Mac is running slower, bogged down by supposedly-removed apps, unused or unknown apps, and disk space is almost full with less and less space available. However, you're informed the Mac hardware upgrade option is not available due to old specifications or the upgrade cost is beyond expensive. That is when you can turn to App Uninstaller, the best all-around and lightweight Mac uninstaller built to completely uninstall any unwanted Mac app & clean up leftover clutter, and effectively free up disk space in a blazingly fast and fully automated fashion.

Meet the powerful & lightweight, simple-to-use and remarkably effective Mac uninstaller to get rid of any unwanted app & related leftover clutter thoroughly with ease.

App Uninstaller is the go-to Mac uninstaller essential for everyone to keep your Mac in good shape. Watch more videos in action.

What makes App Uninstaller special?

Built with thorough app removal and performance in mind, App Uninstaller has been continually polished and refined with a set of new features for nearly 10 years in the making. Our mission is to create a simple and helpful tool that is powerful yet blazing fast to uninstall unwanted Mac apps and associated leftovers thoroughly without hassle, an experience more of a joy, and less of a chore. Furthermore, App Uninstaller is engineered to run on as many Macs as possible, regardless of their specifications, lightweight to run without bogging down your Mac at any level.

The problems

Windows programs are usually included with native uninstallers, with which you could get rid of the unwanted app with ease. However, most Mac apps are not packed with native uninstallers, which, if available, you can locate within the .dmg or .pkg package files. Without the native uninstallers available, whenever you try to uninstall a Mac app, the standard drag-to-trash method usually does not work, and the unwanted app might still be actively running on your Mac or leave loads of leftover files on your disk.

Even these days, Mac devices still have not yet been equipped with high-volume disks. With your Mac becoming aged and more apps installed, the tiny hard drive space will be filled up quickly, leading to a slow-running Mac, or even to a state you can't use your device anymore.

To improve your Mac performance, you can choose either to upgrade your Mac's hardwares or to clean up your Mac: delete useless leftovers and remove the apps you don't need completely. The piled-up leftovers by the supposedly-removed apps could render your Mac slower and even useless, with leftover files occupying your precious disk space and remnant processes actively utilizing RAM and CPU resources. And the unused apps are also taking up considerably large drive space, wasting hardware resources and bogging down your device.

To completely remove the unwanted apps and associated leftovers, you can try to do it yourself manually or use an automated utility. The manual method is not recommended for average Mac users, as it does require some levels of skillset and a lot of time to locate all the leftovers on your drive, and exercise caution when deleting these useless leftovers or digital clutter. That is when you can turn to App Uninstaller, the best all-around Mac uninstaller.


  • The usual drag-to-trash method to uninstall Mac apps not thorough with leftover files or apps over the place
  • Unwanted, unused, or unknown apps taking up disk space
  • Leftover files occupying drive space, and slowing down your Mac
  • Remnant processes slowing bootup speed and bogging down your Mac
  • Bloated apps can't be removed, and bogging down your Mac
  • No centralized place to conveniently & effectively manage your Mac apps
  • Unwanted or unknown apps infringing your privacy, popping up messages or upsells without your consent
  • Subscription-based utilities expensive, charging unfair monthly and yearly fees
The solution

App Uninstaller is built to completely remove Mac apps and related leftovers with ease. With App Uninstaller, all the Mac apps are intuitively organized in one centralized place where you can review and get rid of apps in just a few clicks. The best-in-class app removal core has been developing and polishing for nearly 10 years, and our team is still working every day to improve the core feature so that it can be able to get rid of the app's updates and new app releases. It is intuitive, simple to use, and blazingly fast to run on almost every Mac device, just like any of the best native Mac experience you've ever had, without any bogging down. Plus, we're not greedy like others, and only charge you one time at a flat & affordable rate. That is, you purchase once, and use App Uninstaller forever, with free updates, free upgrades, and free technical support for a lifetime.

  • Powerful removal core: We're one of the first Mac uninstallers introduced and released in the market. For nearly 10 years, App Uninstaller has been continuously updated and optimized to get rid of any unwanted Mac apps, either legacy version or the latest version, as well as newly-released apps.
  • Lightweight and blazingly fast to use: Engineered with performance in mind, as well as continuously optimizing the core, App Uninstaller is lightweight to run on almost all Mac devices, either older or new specifications. And the app removal is blazingly fast. Say goodbye to the unsatisfying bogging down, freezing, or cluttering experience.
  • Intuitive and native experience: Designed to be simple for everyone to use, all the apps are intuitively organized in one place, and in just a few clicks, the removal job is completed without any hassle or clutter.
  • Safe to use without hassle: With a dedicated team tracking all Mac app updates and releases, All versions of App Uninstaller have been rigorously tested to ensure the automated removal process is safe, and you're able to review which files to be deleted in the leftover cleaner, before the files are removed.
  • Built with privacy in mind: App Uninstaller is running in the old-fashion way: All the functions are built to get the app removal job done as best as we can, the only exception is when you choose to update App Uninstaller and submit the log files to us when you need technical support to resolve the problems.
  • Unparalleled tech support: We're providing priority support for every customer at no cost. And App Uninstaller has been successfully running the direct developer-support-for-customer for years, offering the faster resolution time in the industry.
  • Flat and one-time pricing: Our affordable one-time pricing is flat and straightforward. You'll receive the perpetual license, free updates, free upgrades, and free technical support for a lifetime.


  • Completely delete Mac apps and associated leftovers in an automated fashion
  • Terminate and disable remnant running processes
  • Lightweight to run and blazingly fast to complete the removal process
  • Up-to-date removal capability to identify the to-be-uninstalled app updates and new app releases
  • Rigorously tested to ensure safe removal & can choose which files to be deleted prior to permanent removal
  • Built with privacy and you in mind, only communicate with you when clicking to check updates and asking for help
  • Affordable one-time pricing for lifetime use without any restriction
  • Updates to the latest versions & major upgrades at no cost
  • Fastest turn-around times for technical support at no cost

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How App Uninstaller works


Purchase a plan

Go to the pricing page, and then select a plan you prefer. For example, if you want to run App Uninstaller on 3 devices, please select the 3 Devices plan. All pricing is one-time charged with updates, upgrades & tech support at no cost.


Download App Uninstaller

After your purchase is successfully completed, check your email for the download link for App Uninstaller, which can run on almost all Mac devices. You can always download App Uninstaller again in the member's area.


Activate and use App Uninstaller

The license code to activate App Uninstaller can be found in your email, immediately after purchasing. The license is perpetual, allowing you to use App Uninstaller forever. You can also view your license code in the member's area.

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